Reishi & High Blood Pressure.

Two human controlled   studies revealed that reishi mushroom extract can reduce high blood pressure to   a significant degree (systolic and diastolic), even in patients who had   previously failed to respond to established anti-hypertensive medications.   Animal studies reveal that reishi mushroom extract reduces blood pressure   through a central inhibition of sympathetic nerve activity, although it does not   slow heart rate or induce a sedative effect in general. Under experimental   conditions, reishi mushroom extract has a mild to moderate effect on reducing   platelet aggregation, which may further help to decrease risk of cardiovascular   disease. It has also been shown to increase endurance, blood flow to the brain   and to improve oxygenation of cells. As such, it aids energy production on a   cellular level, which may improve cardiovascular health and is used to boost   memory and intellectual capacity in some cultures, including success in a study   of Alzheimer’s patients.


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