Reishi & Eyesight.

Loss of vision due to accident

1) J. Ramar B.Com, M.A (Soci), Rajapalayam-626 108 –  I met with an accident on 29.11.2000 while traveling on a bus near Tirumangalam Boys Town of Madurai District in Tamilnadu, by which I had lost total vision of my left eye.  I made every effort to regain the vision by taking treatment at … Eye Hospital, Madurai.  However, the vision could not be returned to me.  At this stage, I came to know about the products of DXN’s Ganoderma capsules of RG and GL from Mr.Manian and Mr.Babu both from Coimbatore, through my friends Shri T.Tamakrishnan & Mr.A.Kandasamy of Rajapalayam.  After enrolling myself vide membership number 9052889, I used to take the above said product in capsule from since 23.03.2001.  After a break of 20 days, a miracle has happened in my life, by which I got back the lost vision of my left eye, to the extent of nearly about 40 to 50%.  I hope that, the rest of my vision will be returned back to me within a short span of time.  In this regard, I whole-heartedly appreciate the services, silently rendered by Dr.Lim Siow, Jin, DXN.


ROY VAN KANTEN , Fullerton, CA – Glaucoma –  Several years ago my eyesight got worse and worse and I was diagnosed to have glaucoma with a reading of 21/23 about six months ago. A person that has a reading of 30/30 is supposed to be blind, a person with 17/17 and under has good eyesight. After using the Ganoderma for about six weeks, I noticed that my eyesight improved considerably. I can drive now without my glasses and very seldom use them again. I had triple focus lenses. Recently I had my eyes checked and was surprised to learn that the pressure for both eyes had dropped to under 20. Glaucoma is known to be an irreversible disease.

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