Reishi & Life Extension.

Reishi Mushrooms Extend Life Span

Reishi Mushrooms Extend Life Span

An international collaboration of researchers has led the way in studying the Reishi mushroom and its impact on aging. The group began their work by investigating properties of the Reishi mushroom and its most active compounds.3-5

What they found was that Reishi enhances cellular immune systems and promotesprotective antibody production (boosting a healthy immune response), while also decreasing the body’s load of inflammatory cytokines (suppressing a harmful immune response).4 In other words, Reishi fights immunosenescence and restores a healthy immune balance in older animals. It would be reasonable to predict that such an effect would combat most of the diseases that cause premature death, and thereby extend life.4

In fact, scientists have been interested in the longevity-promoting effect of Reishi for some time.4,5 To prove their theory, researchers initiated a 3-year study of Reishi extract in healthy middle-aged laboratory mice.4 The mice were randomly assigned to receive either regular mouse feed, or a feed mixed with one of several doses of Reishi mushroom extract.

After 88 weeks, a little more than halfway through the study, Reishi’s powerful effects were already apparent. The Reishi-supplemented group proved to live much longer.8

As the study progressed, the longevity advantage became increasingly obvious. When 10% of the mice in each group were still alive, the supplemented mice went on to live another 148 days.4 In human terms, that’s the equivalent of adding nearly 16 years of life span. Unlike some animal studies that use unrealistic doses for humans, this mouse study demonstrated extended life span and reduced risk of death using 175 mg/kg; that’s equivalent to about 1,050 mg in an average 75 kg (165 pound) human.4

This study provided a dramatic demonstration of how fighting immunosenescence can promote remarkable gains in life span.

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