Reishi & Remedies for HPV & Genital Warts.

My Natural Remedy for HPV and Genital Warts Focuses on the Following
Critical Areas:

Dietary and Lifestyle Support
  1. Do NOT drink chlorinated water. Chlorine is immunosuppressive and you don’t
    need that.
  2. Become a lover of vegetable juices like beet, carrot, fresh cabbage,
    asparagus, or Kyo-Green green drink from Kyolic. Drink one cup mid afternoon to boost cellular
    detoxification. Kyo-Greene is delicious in a bottle of V8. Mix and drink
    immediately. Do not store.
  3. Do not consume alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, peanuts, junk food and white
    flour. Avoid rancid oils.
  4. Do not take supplemental iron unless directed by a doctor. Cancer cells feed
    on iron. Cut down on red meat, which is rich in iron and hormones.  Excess serum
    iron also interferes with the natural killer function of macrophages, which work
    to engulf and devour cancer cells.
  5. Only have x-rays (including dental) when absolutely necessary. Avoid
    standing near a microwave oven and move back from the TV set.
  6. Avoid being near anyone that smokes.
  7. Learn to love the top anti-cancer fruits and vegetables: broccoli, cabbage,
    cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, yams, carrots, pumpkin, squash, plums,
    blueberries, cherries, dark grapes, raspberries, pomegranate, cantaloupes,
    apples, lentils and beans.
  8. Take two odorless Garlic capsules or capsules daily.
  9. Take a comprehensive multi-vitamin that contains 200 mg. selenium, chromium,
    enzymes, all of the B vitamins, the correct level of magnesium and calcium, at
    least 400 IU natural Vitamin E. Two good choices are NSI’s ArthPower Multi-Vitamin Version 4icon, which delivers the best punch to preserving your health and
    driving down inflammation responses, or Natrol My Favourite Multi without iron capsules icon. They offer the best compact formulations I have ever seen.
  10. Take 200 mg. of grape seed extract icondaily as a potent cell protector and antioxidant.
  11. Take 50 mg. of Coenzyme Q10 iconto oxygenate cells and destroy free radicals.
  12. Never eat nitrate-laden lunchmeat, hot dogs, or any foods that contain
    nitrate preservatives. If you must consume these foods, take at least 1000 mg.
    Ester C Vitamin C to destroy the cancer causing nitrosamines that these foods
    produce as they digest. Consume at least 2000 mg. of Ester C daily. Find your
    “signature” by going to
    Cold Remedy Page and learning about bowel tolerance to Vitamin C.
  13. MSM creamicon applied to genital warts seems to reduce both the size and
    pain that they cause. The HPV virus seems to dislike this natural sulfur.

14.   Pau d’ Arcoicon liquid extract applied externally to the genital warts seems to shrink them
and cause some of them to disappear altogether.

15.   Shitake Mushroom icon, and Reishi Mushroom icon have demonstrated anti-viral activity against HPV and the
emergence of genital warts. Follow instructions on label.

that simply removing warts does not solve the issue of low immunity. It is best
to boost immunity and shrink (starve off) the warts, instead of simply removing
them. They return for a reason.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms have been used for more than 4,000 years in traditional  Chinese medicine to fight viruses and support the immune system. According to  the University of Maryland Medical Center, reishi can be used to treat genial  warts effectively. The recommended dose is 150 mg to 300 mg, taken two to three  times per day for antiviral action and immune system support. If you have a  condition related to blood  pressure or blood thinning, be sure to consult a physician prior to taking  reishi as it can impact these health issues.


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  1. Lenard Donaher
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 21:46:49

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  2. James
    May 05, 2012 @ 03:42:58

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  3. Isidra Amacker
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 05:18:47

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  4. Karel cancer cure remedy
    Dec 01, 2013 @ 09:21:14

    I was skeptical but eventually became desperate enough to give it a try, after exhausting all other options I could think of and researched. The extract from this amazing and readily available herb works amazingly against all infections and viruses, and heals the skin very quickly. I struggled against a plantar wart for half a year, trying various remedies. It grew to the size of a thumb and I could barely walk. This oil ate it up in ten days flat. A friend tried it and said it cured his athletes foot within three days. It can cure cancer and seemingly any ailment. Word needs to get out about this.


  5. Sandra Paula Scott
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 09:05:31

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