Reishi – Cholesterol.

  • Reishi has active
    ingredients that inhibit the production of cholesterol in the liver by blocking
    an important step in cholesterol biosynthesis.
  • Increase in
    circulating cholesterol has been linked to an increase blood pressure as well as
    an increase in the development of atherosclerotic plaques. Thus, one of the keys
    to healthy heart management is lowering the circulating cholesterol. While
    Statin drugs are the popular choice, the side effects they bring are
  • Nestle led a
    research investigating the ability of Reishi to reduce circulating cholesterol.
    The study showed that oxygenated sterols from G. lucidum inhibited cholesterol
    biosynthesis via conversion of lanosterol to lathosterol. Unlike statin drugs,
    this blocks the production process later in the chain sparing the production  of
    the more important Co-enzyme Q10.
  • These
    26-oxygenosterols could lead to novel therapeutic agents that lower blood
    • Reishi
      polysaccharides could significantly decrease the serum contents of Total
      Cholesterol, Triglycerides, bad cholesterol (serum LDL-c) in the experimental
      hyperlipidemic rats, and markedly increase the good cholesterol levels (serum
      HDL-C). Oxidation of the lipids in the experimental groups treated by ganoderma
      lacidum polysaccharides at different dosages were much lower than that in hyper
      lipidema group. Furthermore the glutathione (GSH-Px) and Super oxide dismutase
      (SOD), two powerful anti-oxidants in the blood of the group of ganoderma were
      much higher than those in hyperlipidema group.
      Ganoderma can regulate lipid metabolism, enhance the antioxidation and reduce
      the lipid peroxidation in the rats with hyperlipidemia.

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