Reishi & Crohn’s disease.

Why is this good for Crohn’s?

As mentioned in the facts, reishi is great for a number of things and is specifically great for those fighting Crohn’s Disease. We lack energy because our intestines can’t absorb the same amount of nutrients as a healthy body, so reishi will fully restore balance throughout and relax you. We also experience painful flare-ups at the moment of any slight stress and since reishi is great against anxiety, high blood pressure and tense muscles. We are also more sensitive to the elements and as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory, allergy-reducer AND antioxidant, we can fully function as a “normal” human-being by having a regular dose of reishi.

So take regularly to restore balance throughout your system or if you can’t do that, at least give it a try when you start to feel pain and/or sickeness.

Lingzhi isn’t a “cure” for Crohn’s, but comes darn close. It has proven to be more effective in treating my Crohn’s than Asacol, prednisone and Entocort – the three medications that I was formerly taking but have now stopped. Lingzhi is cheap and available without a prescription. The reason why it’s of interest to Crohnies is that it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The results for me have been extremely positive – I’m just kicking myself for not having stayed on lingzhi all these years (more on that below).

Let me clarify just what I’m talking about. Lingzhi is a mushroom – an herb – used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Where I live – in Taiwan – lingzhi is sold in just about every pharmacy. In Western countries, it’s usually sold under the Japanese name reishi, even though almost the entire world’s supply comes from China. Although many inflated claims are made about lingzhi’s health benefits, it’s anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for a wide range of illnesses (arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, etc). I do not consider it a cure-all (even though it gets promoted as such). After badly flaring and getting almost no improvement from Asacol and Entocort (and unwilling to go back on prednisone which gave me glaucoma), I turned to lingzhi in desperation and saw almost immediate improvement. After two months on lingzhi, I feel like I’m in total remission.

Ironically, I knew about lingzhi 20 years ago, and only rediscovered it recently. Before my Crohn’s was diagnosed, I was in a lot of pain and the doctors didn’t know why. A Taiwanese friend of mine thought I might have cancer, and suggested that I take lingzhi (since it’s touted as a cancer treatment too). In desperation I tried it, and my condition improved dramatically. However, about six months later I suffered a total obstruction, had surgery, and my Crohn’s was discovered. After that, I followed my doctor’s advice and went with tried-and-trusted Western drugs. I put aside my lingzhi it was forgotten. It was only about three months ago – frustrated that my condition was deteriorating despite the Western medications – that I turned to lingzhi again. And it has worked miracles.


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