Reishi – Multiple Sclerosis.


Reishi mushroom is called the “mushroom of immortality” in China
and has been used as a tonic and strengthening medicine for thousands of years.
Uses in traditional healing include increasing intellectual capacity and memory,
promoting agility, and lengthening the life span.(16) Reishi is reported to have some of the most active
polysaccharides in the plant kingdom. Polysaccharides are claimed to have
immunomodulating activity. For this reason, it may be beneficial in MS. Reishi
is also reported beneficial as an antioxidant, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic,
antiviral, and hepatoprotective agent.

In the wild, Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium
) grows on hardwood trees, especially oak, sycamore, maple, walnut
and beech. It can be found throughout the temperate areas of the world, from
North America and Europe to Japan and China.

The active compounds that have received the most attention
for their nerve regenerating properties are named erinacines, a series of low
molecular weight molecules that are able to pass through the blood brain barrier
– an essential attribute for any medicinal compound expected to be able to
effect healing on myelin or nerve tissue. 152, 153,

Two Japanese patents exist relating to Hericium
; one from the 1990’s for an extraction process
of these compounds yielding an extract known as “Nerve Growth Stimulant
Factor.” 150, 151 A more
recent one from 2004 is for a water extract of Hericium erinaceus, also
used for its nerve regenerating properties. 155

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Hericium
has historically been prescribed not only for neurological
conditions but also for ailments of the digestive tract, in particular for
cancers of the digestive organs, such stomach cancer and liver cancer.

Two modern studies have confirmed this ancient wisdom. One
done in 1985 showed positive results for treating atrophic gastritis. Another
conducted a decade later, in 1995, showed some ameliorating effect on hepatoma,
with a marked life extension of treated patients. 156

Finally, a few additional areas where modern research has
reported benefits from the use of Hericium erinaceus
include: Anti-tumoral 159; stomach
cancer 134;
inflammation 134;
immune support 157;
antimicrobial against Aspergillus and Candida.

Multiple Sclerosis

By Duane Perron

My name is Duane Perron. I am 65 years old and I have
had Multiple Sclerosis since 1978. I was involved in a double-blind study in
1983 because things had gotten very bad. My MS is classified as
Progressive-Relapsing MS. The treatment given was a mixture of ACTH and
Cyclospasmal. It was able to hold my MS from getting worse for 5 years. I went
for a second treatment but that was not effective. Since then I have been slowly
going down hill. The newest aids out do not work on my type of MS and if it
wasn’t for my determination to exercise each day and not give in to MS I would
have gotten much worse then I did. I had read about Bee Venom Therapy and
Acupuncture on the Internet. I tried to get involved in the first but the
clinics that were giving the injections and the year study were too far away for
me to participate. So I decided to somehow try acupuncture. My primary care
physician (Dr. Jack Chang) is Chinese so I asked him who to go to. His answer
changed my whole life.

He said that he did not know any acupuncturists in
the area but he gave me the address and telephone number of the New England
School of Acupuncture located in Watertown, MA. He said call them, tell them
your problem with MS and ask for a name of a local acupuncturist to consult. I
did and the next day they called back with the name of Cynthia LaBruzzo in
Chelmsford, MA (the next town) and her telephone number. They also told me that
she had treated MS patients before with good results. I called her and we talked
and made an appointment for that Saturday. That was 2 months ago and this is
what happened.

I told her all about my MS. She took my pulse and
checked my tongue and asked a great many questions about my MS and what exactly
I wanted treated. My MS is on the left side of my body from head to toe. The
optic nerve in my left eye does not function. I cannot hear in my left ear. I
have trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my face. My left arm is weakened.
I drag my left leg along when I walk (shuffle). I cannot lift my left foot or
wiggle my left toes. I have spasticity in both legs but very much so in the left
leg. Then to add insult to injury, I am 100% left handed. She has been treating
me for 2 months and this is the result so far.

About 2 weeks ago my wife and I went grocery shopping
and as we left the store I said to her, “Stay behind me and watch how I walk”.
She did and she said, “You are taking much larger steps, you are lifting up your
left leg not dragging it, and you are standing up straight!” I did the same
thing at both of our daughters’ houses. Then that Wednesday I had an appointment
with my eye doctor (Dr. John Capino) for a 6 month checkup and he said to me, “I
don’t know the reason but in all the tests run today, the parameters on the
results have at least doubled. That should not occur but it did!” I also have
cut down on the medication I was taking for trigeminal neuralgia from 4 tablets
a day to 1 tablet a day. The only reason I am taking that is because my
acupuncturist, Cynthia, didn’t want me to stop completely yet even though I feel
that I don’t need any because of the needles she puts in my left jaw. But the
best is yet to come.

Over Labor Day weekend, my wife and I went away to
the ocean for a bit of time off together. We stayed right on the beach. We
walked around town, went out to eat some, did some cooking in the motel unit,
read a lot, and each day we walked through the beach sand to the water and waded
in the water and waves a number of times each day. Now I haven’t been able to
walk in the sand at a beach or let waves hit my legs for at least 12 years! But
I did that week and I did it bare footed without my brace, just my cane for
balance. On the last day, I walked down to the water alone and then down the
beach at the water’s edge for about 3 city blocks and then back. All this was
again bare footed, etc. I thank God for ALL he has done for me and for leading
me to Cynthia my acupuncturist. She has really been so helpful and caring. I
also know that this will continue to improve. I had a friend tell me, “Finding a
good acupuncturist is like finding a good doctor….and it seems you have
finally found your angel.”







3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elle
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 10:07:07

    So happy to read you’re doing better. Thank you for sharing. I suffer from MS. I have a walking ailment (dragging my right foot/leg) and my right arm. My leg is worse than my arm/hand. I have tried a number of holistic methods much to no avail. I should say I haven’t gotten worse but not much of a difference for feeling or walking better. I haven’t tried acupuncture. There is only one here in Crete, Greece where I live. In the bigger city Athens I’m sure there is more but I have a hard time to travel there. I just purchased reishi mushroom powder to see if I can get my energy levels up. I’m always hopeful God will provide the right remedy for me. Oh I should also mention I have cut out gluten and white sugar from my diet.
    May God’s Blessings continually pour upon you.


    • blakemere
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 11:41:57

      Hi Elle, thanks for the comments, please make sure you buy your Reishi from a reputable dealer as many people add fillers to their product which makes it less effective.
      Regards Gary


  2. Ethan
    Oct 27, 2014 @ 01:26:07

    Your story impressed me.
    I have PPMS and I plan to start taking medicinal mushrooms (Lion’s Mane, cordyceps) and more shilajit next month. The nearest acupuncturist is out of my price range, but I have found a few new supplements to try.

    Medical Cannabis helped me when I lived in California and I hope to return next year.

    Take Care,


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