Reishi – Swine Flu.

The Importance of Food Supplementation to Boost the Immune System –
The best defence against H1N1 and other influenza A viruses is through vaccination. However, if what the
government is telling us that the vaccine might not be enough to provide the population, or it might arrive
a little too late, what then?

It is best to eat foods that will boost your immune system. One area of consideration is probiotics. It is
present in yogurt, miso, and fermented condiments like the German sauerkraut and Korean kimchee and
over the counter food supplements. Early studies indicate that with a healthy probiotics also keeps the
immune system strong. There is also a great deal of research on Echinacea showing increases in
immune function. However, it is less understood for preventing flu but excellent if flu might be under way.

Another excellent food supplement are the antiviral mushrooms like Reishi. and Cordyceps. From Paul
Stamets’ book “New Antiviral Drugs from Mushrooms,” he revealed three antiviral elements specific to
Reishi which are: Ganoderial-F, Ganoderic Acid Beta, and Lucidumol. These antivirals are highly
effective against influenza A virus, like H1N1.

For added protection, consume Reishi with Vitamin C and Cordyceps. Because of the many different
strains of viruses, it is best to have all the antivirals the two mushrooms provides. From Dr. Fukumi
‘s research, he discovered that Vitamin C helps in the absorption of the polysaccharides in


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