Reishi – Respiratory problems.


is a very common disease that affects the airways. It can make it difficult to
breathe and cause a tightness in the chest. It can also cause coughing and
wheezing. Conventional medicine does not have a cure for this condition, but
Reishi is said to help ease the symptoms. According to studies the mushroom is
effective against the inflammation that builds up in the airways that bring
about the symptoms of asthma.
inflammatory conditions that can be helped with Reishi include rheumatoid
arthritis and HIV.

is another inflammatory disease that affects the airways. The symptoms are
similar to that of the common cold, which include a cough. During chronic
bronchitis, the cough brings up mucus and can last for months. Once again,
Reishi’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the inflammation,
allowing the individual to find relief from the symptoms.

are very common in the Western countries. They are often aggravated by
substances that the body feels threatened by. These include pollen, dust, pet
dander, chemicals and smoke. Food allergies are also common, which can cause
digestive issues. Common symptoms of an allergic reaction are sinus pressure,
sneezing and a stuffy nose, skin rashes and watery eyes.
allergic reaction is simply an overreaction of the immune system. When the
system is weakened by other toxins, then something as little as dust can cause
the defense system to overreact, simply because it feels threatened. As a
result, the immune system produces extra mucus to help eliminate the foreign
substances from the body.
is effective in eliminating toxins from the body, which in turn strengthens the
system so that it no longer has to feel threatened. As a result, the
inflammation and other symptoms begin to disappear.
health conditions that are helped by a strong immune system include cancer,
inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes mellitus type 1,
graves disease and ulcerative colitis.
mushroom is available in a supplement form, as well as in a dried form. Due to
its powerful medicinal ingredients, pregnant women, and those who are allergic
to other mushrooms are advised not to take it, unless prescribed by a

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