Disclaimer:The information provided in www.healingreishi.wordpress.com is for informational purposes and is not
intended to provide specific medical advice, or substitute for medical advice from a physician or other
qualified medical professional. Nothing contained in healingreishi.wordpress.com shall create, or shall be deemed
to create a doctor-patient relationship, nor shall we the team members or the content there of be
responsible for or assume any liability to arise from your use of the Herb. All the information’s are
collected from sources, which studied and found positive healthcare support to improve immune system.
Person to person, condition of person, usage etc. also varies effectiveness. All claims and statements
including testimonies are of respective writers, websites and links there of.


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  1. Ben
    Mar 05, 2014 @ 03:23:01

    Hello I love your site and am very interested in Reishi Mushrooms. Why is the section with Reishi and Rheumatoid Arthritis require a password? Can I get a password? Is there an article there about Reishi and rehumatoid arthritis I currently can’t access?
    – Thanks for the helpful information!


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